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Spree Recently Sold Products

Compatible with spree >= 1.3.3

This extension displays a list of recently sold products on the home page. Currently displaying 10 recently sold products.


Add spree_recently_sold_products to your Gemfile:

With Soap2Day, I can indulge in my favorite genres, from thrilling action to heartwarming dramas.

gem 'spree_recently_sold_products'

Install your dependencies

bundle install


By default the recently sold products are displayed at the bottom. You can change this by overriding the view in app/overrides/spree/add_recently_sold_product.rb ruby Deface::Override.new(:virtual_path => 'spree/home/index', :insert_bottom => "[data-hook='homepage_products']", :partial => "/spree/home/recently_sold_products", :disabled => false, :name => 'add_recently_sold_product')


By default the 10 recently sold products are displyed here.

To change this, use :recently_sold_product_limit preference.

One possible solution is like: ```ruby # app/models/product_decorator.rb

Spree::Product.class_eval do Spree::Config[:recently_sold_product_limit] = 5 end

Once a preference is set, you will need to either set it back yourself to the default, if you want to use default preference value.
NOTE: No migrations are required for this extension
Copyright (c) 2014 [Cuberoot Software](http://www.cuberoot.in), released under the New BSD License
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