Spree 3.4 extension to import products from a CSV file.

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This extension allows users to import products from a CSV file.


  • Spree 3.4
  • Sidekiq (import processed in background)


  1. Add this extension to your Gemfile with this line: ruby gem 'spree_products_import', github: 'secoint/spree_products_import'

  2. Install the gem using Bundler: ruby bundle install

  3. Restart your server

If your server was running, restart it so that it can find the assets properly.

CSV file format and supported attributes

CSV column Product attribute Processing rules
name name Processed as is
description description Processed as is
price price Replace commas with dots and cast to Float
availability_date available_on Processed as is (if availability_date can't be parsed to a Date, it will be ignored)
slug slug Processed as is
stock_total master.total_on_hand Product master's stock total in default location is being replaced by this value
category taxons Find existing Taxon by this value (or create one) and add it to Product

CSV file example

;Ruby on Rails Bag;Animi officia aut amet molestiae atque excepturi. Placeat est cum occaecati molestiae quia. Ut soluta ipsum doloremque perferendis eligendi voluptas voluptatum.;22,99;2017-12-04T14:55:22.913Z;ruby-on-rails-bag;15;Bags


  • Fork it.
  • Make changes.
  • Create a pull request.

Copyright (c) 2017 Denis Lukyanov, released under the New BSD License

compatible spree versions
tags spree versions
master >= 3.4.0, < 4.0
Denis Lukyanov