Spree Extension for using the Paymill payment service

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Welcome to spree_paymill

This is a SpreeCommerce extension for using the Paymill payment service.

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  • Add spree_paymill to the Gemfile of your spree store gem 'spree_paymill' , :git => 'git://github.com/webionate/spree_paymill.git'

  • Add stylesheets to your all.css manifest files *= require admin/spree_paymill *= require store/spree_paymill

  • You currently also need our version of the active_merchant gem, because it contains additional code for the paymill gateway gem 'activemerchant', :git => 'git://github.com/webionate/active_merchant.git'

  • Don't forget to run Bundler $ bundle install

  • Login to your backoffice of the spree store

  • Go to configuration >> paymentmethods and add a new payment method

  • Select Spree::BillingIntegration::PaymillCreditCard and submit the form

  • You are receiving 2 additional input fields to enter the private and public key from Paymill

  • Login to the Paymill backoffice, copy the keys from there, enter them in the Spree backoffice and submit the form again

  • You're ready to go!


spree_paymill is currently in a testing phase. It is already capable of handling payments and refunds via credit cards (MasterCard and Visa). Handling of debit cards currently isn't supported. Although we've tested spree_paymill on our systems, we currently don't guarantee, that it will work in your environment too.

If you want to use spree_paymill in a production environment you'll have to contact Paymill to receive live keys.


Just contact us via our website

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