Spree Extension adding Gift Card functionality.

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Please note that upcoming Spree 2.2.x is the end of life for this extension unless a community member would like to take over maintaining it (message me or open an issue if you would like to). Rather than refactoring extension to make use of the adjustment refactoring in Spree 2.2.x there is likely going to be a complete rewrite handling Gift Cards as a payment method instead of adjustment.

Please use https://github.com/spree-contrib/spree_store_credit_payment_method instead.

This extension adds gift card functionality to spree. It is based off the original spree_gift_cards extension, but differs in that it does not require a user to have an account. Gift cards may be redeemed by entering a unique gift card code during checkout rather than applying store credits to the customers account.


  • Spree Core 1.1.0 or greater.
  • Ruby 1.9.2 or greater.


  1. Add gem 'spree_gift_card', github: 'jdutil/spree_gift_card' to Gemfile
  2. Run bundle
  3. Run rails g spree_gift_card:install
  4. Run rails g spree_gift_card:seed

Seed Gift Card Product

$ rails g spree_gift_card:seed


  1. bundle exec rake test_app
  2. bundle exec rspec spec


  1. Have spree_gift_card:install prompt to run spree_gift_card:seed and update installation instructions
  2. Have new gift card page mimic styling of product page
  3. Should have infinite gift card product stock. Don't know of any current spree implementation for this (patch core?).
  4. Should have the option of a default message as the first select option, such as Select Amount
  5. Make form fields configurable like spree_contact_us
  6. Should admin deletion just set a deleted_at column so gift card data is not lost?
  7. test product controller redirect?
  8. Apply gift code in a before filter if possible to avoid overriding the update method for easier upgrades?

Copyright (c) 2012 Jeff Dutil, released under the New BSD License

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