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Spree Events Tracker is a spree extension used to track various user activities. This extension can be used to track 1) Keywords searched by User 2) Products detail page and other pages visited by User 3) Product added/removed/updated to cart 4) Checkout flow during completion of an order

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Spree Extension for managing About Us through admin and access in the front end and api
Tags: admin about_us
Compatible spree versions: ~> 3.0.1

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Extensión de spree que permite gestionar el modulo de vendedores a través del backend permitiendo asignar una cartera de clientes para un vendedor en especifico y permitiendo a los vendedores generar pedidos para sus clientes asignados.
Compatible spree versions: ~> 2.3.4

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A Spree extension that summarizes all Spree::StockLocation into one location
Tags: admin stock
Compatible spree versions: ~> 2.4.2

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