SpreeCommerce Themes Extension gives the store owner the freedom of switching storefront theme at any time. With different themes fonts, colors, listing, menus, graphics and the layouts as well are updated.

Features :

  • Update storefront theme at the click of a button
  • Two themes - Core and Default available.

Core theme has an elaborate image strategy so as to showcase details of a product. Perfect for stores who want to focus on a single brand or wish to display product details using big hero images.

Default theme comprises of default views of Spreecommerce store.

P.S : Additions of more theme options in progress.


How do we get this?

10008568?v=3dahburj said over 1 year ago

So far i think you could open this and start creating a designs community for spree. this feature makes other Ecommerce very popular.

5184731?v=3Raul Perez-Alejo Neyra said about 1 year ago
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