A Rails 3+ Engine providing a basic contact form as a Spree Extension.

Added Recaptcha funcionality to contact_us gem to work with Spree.

For more information please see:
* https://github.com/spree-contrib/spree_contact_us
* https://github.com/ambethia/recaptcha/


SpreeContactUs requires:

  • Spree Core 1.0.0 or greater
  • Ruby 1.9.2 or greater.


In your Gemfile, add the following dependencies:

To install from edge:

    gem 'font-awesome-rails', '~>'
    gem 'spree_mail_settings', :git => 'https://github.com/spree-contrib/spree_mail_settings', :branch => '2-4-stable'
    gem 'spree_bootstrap_frontend', :git => 'https://github.com/200Creative/spree_bootstrap_frontend', :branch => '2-4-stable'
    gem 'spree_contact_us', :git => 'https://github.com/spree-contrib/spree_contact_us', :branch => '2-4-stable'
    gem "recaptcha", :require => "recaptcha/rails"
    gem 'spree_tobe_contact_us', :git => 'https://github.com/2beDigital/spree_tobe_contact_us'

From Rails.root run:

$ bundle
$ bundle exec rails g spree_contact_us:install
$ bundle exec rails g spree_bootstrap_frontend:install
$ bundle exec rails g spree_to_be_contact_us:install


In config/initializers/recaptcha.rb modify:

    Recaptcha.configure do |config|
        config.public_key  = '6LebTwsTAAAAAxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx'
        config.private_key = '6LebTwsTAAAAAyyyyyyyyyyyyyy'
        # Uncomment the following line if you are using a proxy server:
        # config.proxy = 'http://myproxy.com.au:8080'
        # Uncomment if you want to use the newer version of the API,
        # only works for versions >= 0.3.7:
        # config.api_version = 'v2'

with your recaptcha keys.

In config/initializers/spree_contact_us.rb modify:

config.mailer_to = "contact@please-change-me.com"

Change to the email address you would like to receive the form submissions at for example:

config.mailer_to = "contact@yourdomain.com"

By default the emails from field will be the email entered by the user to easily reply, but this may not be allowed if your required to verify your sending email addresses.
You may also specify an email address for the notification emails from field:

config.mailer_from = "dontreply@yourdomain.com"

If you would like to add a name or subject field to the form you may simply set the options to true within the spree_contact_us initializer located at config/initializers/spree_contact_us.rb:

config.require_name = true
config.require_subject = true

You may also update your locales under config/locales/spree_contact_us.en.yml or create your own. Please feel free to submit your own locales so that other users will hopefully find this gem more useful.


If you need to print a conversion tracking code on contact sent, you can setup a spree preference for this. Just open a Rails console in your application and launch:

Spree::ContactUs::Config[:contact_tracking_message] = 'nothing special'

Everything that is not an empty string will cause a flash ("contact_tracking") message to be created. You can use it somewhere in your layout like this:

<% if flash[:contact_tracking] %>
    put your conversion tracking code here
<% end %>

By default the preference has an empty string value so no flash messages will be created until you don't need it.


Visit your website and navigate to /contact-us to see the form in action.


Please report any bugs or feature requests to the Github issues page @ https://github.com/spree-contrib/spree_contact_us/issues


In the spirit of free software, everyone is encouraged to help improve this project.


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