Spree Taxon Group

Easily create and manage groups of taxons, irrespective of their parent or children taxons/taxonomies and control the position/order of taxons in their groups.
Useful if you need flexible taxon usage, for example a group of taxons for featured categories from different parent taxon/taxonomies.


If you want a taxon tree, similar to taxons_tree in the default spree sidebar. You can use the helper taxon_group_tree:

<nav id="featured-categories" class="sidebar-item" data-hook>
  <% featured = Spree::TaxonGroup.find_by_key('featured') %>
  <% cache [I18n.locale, featured] do %>
    <h4 class='taxon-group-root'><%= Spree.t(:shop_by_taxon_group, :taxon_group => featured.name) %></h4>
    <%= taxon_group_tree(featured, @taxon) %>
  <% end %>

or for more control, without taxon_group_tree:

<% navigation_taxon_upcase_group = Spree::TaxonGroup.find_by_key('navigation') %>
<% cache [I18n.locale, navigation_taxon_upcase_group] do %>
  <%= navigation_taxon_upcase_group.taxons.map do |taxon|
        '<li class="hidden-lg hidden-md">' + link_to(taxon.name.upcase, seo_url(taxon)) + '</li>'
<% end %>

Basic Installation

Add to your Gemfile:

gem 'spree_taxon_group', '3.1.0.beta'


bundle && bundle exec rails g spree_taxon_group:install

That's it!


See corresponding guidelines and check out the issues.

Copyright (c) 2015 James Whelton and contributors, released under the New BSD License


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