A spree extension for implementing recurring billing functionality. This is a
from scratch re-write based on the existing spree_subscription systems for
pre-1.0, 1.0.0.rc, and pre-deface. The name is changed to avoid
conflits with the existing spree recurring billing gem and the spree
item-based subscription gem.


The plans are to gradually update this to Spree 2.0.


  • master - current development (targeting spree 1.1.x)
  • 1.2-dev - dev branch for spree 1.2.x
  • 1-1-stable - stable branch for spree 1.1.x (TODO)
  • 1-2-stable - stable branch for spree 1.2.x (TODO)


  • Creation of Subscription when order is completed and contains a line_item that is subscribable.
  • Admin Area for subscriptions, with a 'process' button.
  • Subscription renewal by clicking of button.
  • Configuration of product and variant to make it subscribable.
  • Sorting of admin area subscription list.
  • User managed billing system.


  • (DONE) Add controller/view for self updating of subscription.
  • (DONE) Add subscription list information to account page (as partial).
  • (DONE) Implement admin pagination.
  • Add administrative mailer.
  • Add billing address form for updating credit card.
  • Add product properties for weekly, monthly, and daily recurring subscriptions.
  • Add subscription cancellation actions.
  • Add view changes for price/interval in the shop.
  • Allow admin state changes of subscriptions.
  • Create address and credit card CRUDs.
  • Cron or Whenever job for processing of recurring payments.
  • Re-implement mailer.
  • Searching of admin area subscription list.
  • Standardize links and ajax buttons.
  • Subscription admin view for show/edit.
  • Remove specific wording on cancellation page.
  • Allow and documation of additional cancellation data.



You can customize the construction of the subscription by overriding

Spree::Subscriptions.instance_eval do
    def create_from_order(order,line_item)
        # create subscription, return subscription

Subscription State Changes

You can also hook into the state machine of the Subscription in
order to invoke new events on subscription creation, renewal, cancellation:

Spree::Subscriptions.class_eval do
    state_machine.after_transaction :to => 'created' do |subscription|
        # perform custom logic.



On the completion of an Order, if variant.subscribable? is true, a
subscription is created based on the line item price of the variant. This includes
any price modifications due to variants amounts.

A subscription is attached to:

  • The user who owns the subscription.
  • The original order that was used to create the subscription OR The gateway to process the initial payments.
  • The variant that the subscription is based on.
  • A list of additional orders that correspond to the weekly, monthly, daily recurring bills that are paid.
  • A credit card token stored by a given gateway.
  • A list of expiry notices that are sent to the user when their credit card is about to expire.

A subscription also contains the next and previous payment dates, as well as a state machine for
'created', 'active', 'past_due', 'cancelled' states.

TODO: we might need a state for 'we just got a payment for this subscription'

NOTE: Subscriptions are considered /prepaid/. The first checkout is considered the first bill. Eventually
it would be nice to have postpaid recurring billing and an optional setup fee attached to the product.

Products contain a 'subscribable' option and a billing interval option of 'every week, every day, every month'.

A subscription does not have to have a credit card attached, but it requires an attached credit card processing
gateway so that when a credit card is attached, the subscription can know where to store its PCI compliant data.



The administrative area contains a subscription list, where an admin can invoke a 'perform recurring billing process'
on a given subscription, as well as search and sort through subscriptions.

The product has a 'subscribable' checkbox on the master variant and all sub variants on creation and editing.


The account section contains a Users Subscription list, where they can open a subscription and add/remove/modify
the details of the subscription, including the billing details to use.

The products marked as 'subscribable' have a price listed as X/month,day,year, depending on the product configuration.


  • spree/user/subscriptions - user list

Copyright (c) 2012 Sheena Artrip, released under the New BSD License


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