This is a spree extension that solves two use cases related to variants. I call them Ad Hoc Options and Product Customizations.

Ad Hoc Options

Use these when have numerous (possibly price-altering) product options and you don't want to create variants for each combination.

You can also restrict certain combinations of options from coexisting. These are called Ad Hoc Exclusions and are described in more detail in the wiki.

Product Customizations

Use these when you want the ability to provide a highly customized product e.g. "Cut to length 5.82cm", "Engrave 'thanks for the memories'", "Upload my image". Full control over pricing is provided by the Spree calculator mechanism.

Version Notes

The branch you are currently on (master) is an upgrade-in-progress to spree 1.1. Consider it beta right now.

Please see the Versionfile for working spree 1.0, 0.70 and spree 0.60 versions


# see the notes in Versionfile if you are using an older version of spree
gem 'spree_flexi_variants', :git=>'git@github.com:jsqu99/spree_flexi_variants.git'

bundle install

bundle exec rails g spree_flexi_variants:install


Build a 'Cake' product using Ad Hoc Options and Product Customizations


Build a 'Necklace' product using Ad Hoc Options and Product Customizations


Build a 'Pizza' product using Ad Hoc Options. Note that the 'multi' option checkboxes come from a partial named after the option name (see app/views/products/ad_hoc_options/_toppings.html.erb)

Picture Frame

See the wiki for more detail.

Many, many thanks to Brian Quinn for selflessly volunteering his time to mentor me throughout the development process.

Copyright (c) 2011 Jeff Squires, released under the New BSD License


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