Spree Extra Promotion Coupons

The current master branch uses Spree 2-2-stable

This extension includes some of the coupons that I have already develop
for some sites the list about coupon codes are:

Promotion coupon for product with option values

This means that you can apply for example a discount to all the products
that have a specific option values if you know a little about Spree you
know that an option value can be the size(small, large, extra large,
etc) or a color also can be an option value maybe for women or men and now you can give a discount to
all the products that include one of those option values that you select
from the admin section

New calculator action to set a price for products promotion

Now if you select this new action type 'Set a price for the product' now
if the rules for the coupon apply for a product now you can specify the
exact price you wan to offer that product or those products

If you want to see how you can use it take a look at this video:

Demo for this spree extension


Add spree_extra_promotion_coupons to your Gemfile:

gem 'spree_extra_promotion_coupons'

Bundle your dependencies and run the installation generator:

bundle exec rails g spree_extra_promotion_coupons:install


Be sure to bundle your dependencies and then create a dummy test app for the specs to run against.

bundle exec rake test_app
bundle exec rspec spec

When testing your applications integration with this extension you may use it's factories.
Simply add this require statement to your spec_helper:

require 'spree_extra_promotion_coupons/factories'

Copyright (c) 2014 [name of extension creator], released under the New BSD License


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