Spree Extension enabling Coinbase as a payment method. Goal is to make this the spree_gateway of Bitcoin payments.

For a more tested and supported solution, see the official Spree Coinbase Plugin. I would like to delegate to their extension now that they have an official release instead.

WARNING: This is still a work in progress & should be tested before Production use.


Add spree_bitcoin to your Gemfile:

gem 'spree_bitcoin', github: 'jdutil/spree_bitcoin'

Bundle your dependencies and run the installation generator:

bundle exec rails g spree_bitcoin:install


Be sure to bundle your dependencies and then create a dummy test app for the specs to run against.

bundle exec rake test_app
bundle exec rspec spec

When testing your applications integration with this extension you may use it's factories.
Simply add this require statement to your spec_helper:

require 'spree_bitcoin/factories'


In the spirit of free software, everyone is encouraged to help improve this project.

Here are some ways you can contribute:

  • by using prerelease versions
  • by reporting bugs
  • by suggesting new features
  • by translating to a new language
  • by writing or editing documentation
  • by writing specifications
  • by writing code (no patch is too small: fix typos, add comments, clean up inconsistent whitespace)
  • by refactoring code
  • by resolving issues
  • by reviewing patches


Bitcoin donations may be sent to: 1NEjbUJxad2eMcStJCBSuLkrkTSkC4Q5PP

Copyright (c) 2013 Jeff Dutil, released under the New BSD License.


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