This extension is in beta.


A Spree extension to integrate with API.


  • Add Specs
  • Address verification
  • Rate calculation
  • Notifications on delivery, etc (webhooks)


Add this to your Gemfile

gem "spree_postmaster", github: "blushbox/spree-postmaster", branch: 'master'

Install the database migrations

rake spree_postmaster:install:migrations
rale db:migrate


Go to the admin configuration tab and click on postmaster settings link from the menu on the right, fill in API key and desired default values.

Shipping methods internal (admin) names must match service levels.

Product weights and default weight are in ounces.


Be sure to bundle your dependencies and then create a dummy test app for the specs to run against.

$ bundle
$ bundle exec rake test_app
$ bundle exec rspec spec

Copyright (c) 2014 BlushBox, released under the New BSD License


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