Order Export

Order export is a quick and dirty extension I wrote as an implementation for a client - basically, it exports line items to a CSV file.

I chose not to use spree-advanced-reporting after taking a look at how complex it was and running into a couple of problems getting it going. Plus, I was going to have to write a template to export the right data anyway.

You can install it simply by adding it to the Gemfile of your Spree project:
gem 'order_export', :git => 'git://github.com:3months/spree-order-export.git'
And then running bundle install

The extension adds a report under the 'Reports' tab which allows the export to be constrained to a date range, and exports a CSV file which should be in a blend of line breaks and seperaters which should work with Microsoft Office Excel.

It exports the following fields, in the following order:
* Order number
* Customer Full Name
* Customer Address (Address 1, Address 2 if there, Country)
* Customer Phone
* Customer Email
* Variant (Product) name
* Variant (Product) quantity
* Order total
* Order payment method.

I played around with dynamically adding (fastercsv)[http://fastercsv.rubyforge.org/] as a dependency in the Gemfile, but didn't have any luck - therefore, if you are running Ruby 1.8.7 you need to add fastercsv to your Gemfile, otherwise you will run into an exception from my controller when I require 'fastercsv'. If you are using Ruby 1.9.2 you'll be OK as FasterCSV is the new default CSV library in this version, but I have had to call methods on the FasterCSV module instead of CSV to be backwards compatible with 1.8.7

I simply implemented this feature as a Spree extension to help out someone else needing this sort of basic funcionality as part of work on a project, rather than specifically aiming to build it as a complete extension - therefore, I can vouch that it works for me, and should work for you, but if you need to change anything about which fields are exported or how the extension works there is no sort of configuration - fork the extension, and implement whatever you need to on your copy.

Enjoy :-)


Copyright (c) 2011 Josh McArthur, released under the MIT License


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