Spree Newsletter Subscribers

This extension is just a simple administration screen and partial that can be used in your views to gather email addresses in a local database table.


  • Add "gem 'spree_newsletter_subscribers', :git => 'git://github.com/markalinn/Spree-Newsletter-Subscribers.git'" to your Gemfile
  • Run "bundle"
  • Run "rails g spree_newsletter_subscribers:install" and select "Y" to run the migrations
  • And.....Insert form into your views where appropriate, such as:

        <%= form_for :newsletter_subscriber, :url => :newsletter_subscriber do |f| %>
            <%= f.text_field :email %>
            <%= f.submit 'SUBSCRIBE' %>
        <% end %>


  • Ability to unsubscibe
  • Tests
  • Everything else! :-)

Copyright (c) 2012 XWC Solutions, released under the New BSD License


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