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Enable spree store to allow payment via GTBank Payment (a foremost Nigerian bank)

For customer:

Customer can pay via GTBank payment method at Checkout. Customer can also see the list of GTBank Transactions initiated by them.

For admin:

Admin can see the list of GTBank Transactions initiated by customers under admin section. Admin can also ping GTBank gateway for an updated status of a transaction and the transaction is then updated accordingly.


Add spree_gtpay to your Gemfile:

gem 'spree_gtpay'

Bundle your dependencies and run the installation generator:

bundle exec rails g spree_gtpay:install


  1. To setup the payment method Login as an admin and add a new Payment Method (under Configuration), using following details:
  Name: GTBank
  Environment: Production (or what ever environment you prefer)
  Provider: Spree::Gateway::Gtpay
  Active: yes
  1. Click update after adding your credentials in the screen that follows:
  Payment Url: Provide payment url provided by GTBank.
  Merchant: provide merchant id provided bt GTBank
  1. After this you need to create initializers/gtbank_constant.rb and add below mentioned to the same file.
  GT_DATA = {:product_id => "xxxx", :mac_id => "xxxxxxxxx", :query_url => "xxxxxx" }

These are the details which are provided by interswitch(Ask about it from GTBank if you dont have it) and replace xxx with exact values provided.


You need to do a quick one-time creation of a test application and then you can use it to run the tests.

bundle exec rake test_app

Then run the rspec tests with:

bundle exec rspec .


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